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Summer school 2024

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15–18 August

Music and dance tuition, ceili, concerts, sessions, and loads of fun!

On this page you will find information about the lessons, prices and registration, concerts and other activities. You can read about our teachers here.

Check out our
FAQ page if you have any questions, or contact us on:


Registration is now open!

You register by buying a ticket to a class. Get tickets by following the links below.

You can choose up to 4 classes per day, and you get 20% off on 2 classes, and 30% off on 3 classes, 35% off on 4 classes. Please note that there are parallel sessions, and it’s your responsibility to check that the classes you want to join do not overlap.

Check the schedule here




In 2024, we teach fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, whistle, harp, folk/trad guitar, songs in Irish, sean nós dance, modern step dance, and ceili introduction. There will also be a grúpa ceoil (trad band), and choir classes.
You can read about all our teachers here.

You will receive 1,5 hours of tuition per class per day, and you can choose to sign up for the whole weekend (4,5 hours) or just Saturday and Sunday (3 hours). It is also possible to buy a day pass. Exceptions: The dance show, grúpa ceoil and choir are not open for day passes. We also ask that you contact us beforehand if you wish to join these classes on Saturday and Sunday only.

Take a look at the schedule below

Uilleann pipes with Oisín McCann 10.00–11.30
Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Harp with Marie Nivel 10.00–11.30
Learn beautiful tunes and basic technique. Open to beginners and improvers. No need to have your own harp. Do you already play the harp? Contact us for possibilities of tuition on a higher level.

Sean nós dance with Ranóg Townsend 10.00–11.30
Old style Irish percussive dance. Bring comfortable shoes with a hard sole.

Folk/ trad guitar with Gerard Thompson 10.00–11.30
Folk song and trad tune backing

Flute with Oisín McCann 11.45–13.15
Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Bodhrán with Fergal O’Brien 11.45–13.15
Learn Irish rhythms and bodhrán technique.

Modern Irish dance, Show, with Breandán de Gallaí 11.45–13.15
Irish show choreography. From primary level. To be performed at the closing of the Féile

Fiddle with Gerry O’Connor 14.00–15.30
Learn Irish tunes, bowing technique, and ornamentation.

Whistle with Brendan Monaghan 14.00–15.30
Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Singing in Irish with Aoife Ní Fhearraigh 14.00–15.30
Learn traditional Irish language songs, pronunciation, and ornamentation.

Modern Irish dance, Technique, with Breandán de Gallaí 14.00–15.30
Soft and hard shoe technique. From primary level

Grúpa Ceoil with Brendan Monaghan 15.45–17.15
Play Irish tunes as a band and perform at the closing of the Féile. Open to all instruments

Choir with Cecilie Stensrud 15.45–17.15
Join the Féile choir and perform at the closing ceremony.




Tuition full weekend 16.08.–18.08.
1 class for 3 days NOK 1 950
2 classes for 3 days NOK 3 120
3 classes for 3 days NOK 4 095
4 classes for 3 days NOK 5 070

Tuition Saturday and Sunday 17.08. – 18.08.
1 class for 2 days NOK 1 320
2 classes for 2 days NOK 2 112
3 classes for 2 days NOK 2 772
4 classes for 2 days NOK 3 432

Day pass
1 class for 1 day NOK 760
2 classes for 1 days NOK 1 216
3 classes for 1 days NOK 1 596
4 classes for 1 days NOK 1 976

*Inculding discounts.


Other activities

Opening night concert, Thursday 15.08. 19:00

We have the pleasure of quicking off the summer school with a concert by the wonderful Aoife Ní Fhearraigh. Aoife will be joined by guest musicians and Mná Oslo Irish Choir.

Concert venue TBC

Ceili introduction and Ceili night, Friday 16.08. 18:00/19:00

Friday night is ceili night!

Get your tickets here.

A ceili is a social night of group dances, music, and loads of fun. There is usually a ceili caller who will choose the dances and prompt the dancers as they are dancing. That way, everybody can join – even if you don’t know the dance.

We’re so lucky to have Åse Kristine Waglen as our ceili caller. If you want a crash course in ceili dancing before we start, there will be a ceili introduction first.

The ceili will take place on the 4th floor of Popsenteret.
Tickets for the ceili and the crash course will be available soon.

Teachers' concert, Saturday 17.08. 19:00

Get ready for some Saturday night magic
as the summer school teachers strike it up on Saturday night!

We are proud to offer you this concert showcasing all the wonderful teachers of this year's summer school.
Get your tickets here and enjoy some good craic and world-class Irish music.

​​Sessions at The Dubliner Folk Pub

The teachers of Féile Oslo Summer School will lead open sessions in the Dubliner!

Thursday 15.08. 21.30

Friday 16.08. 22.30

Saturday 17.08. 22.30

The sessions are open to everybody, whether you want to participate or just listen.
Let's fill the whole pub with loads of music, dance, and joy!

While you wait for August, you can take a look at our archive, for happy memories from our past two summer schools.

See you soon!

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