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Summer school 2022

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Here's a lot of important information you'll need. And you'll find links to tickets further down.

Or you can take a shortcut to check out the tickets, the schedule, the prices and the teachers here

Join us in this very first summer school of Irish music and dance in Oslo!

Music and dance tuition, ceili, concert, sessions, and loads of fun.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions, or contact us on:


This year, we teach fiddle, flute, harp, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, whistle, folk/ trad guitar, and sean nós dance. There will also be a session lesson and a ceili introduction class. Read more about our teachers here.

You will receive 2 hours of tuition per day per instrument. (Dance feet count as an instrument 😉) And you can choose to sign up for the whole weekend (6 hours) or just Saturday and Sunday (4 hours).


You sign up by buying a ticket to a class.

You can choose up to 3 classes, and you get 20% off on 2 classes, and 30% off on 3 classes. The discount will be deducted at check out. Please note that there are parallel sessions, and it’s your responsibility to check that the classes you want to join do not overlap. See the schedule.



Tuition whole weekend 12.08.–14.08.

1 instrument for 3 days                                                           NOK 2 500

2 instruments for 3 days                                                         NOK 4 000

3 instruments for 3 days                                                         NOK 5 100


Tuition Saturday and Sunday 13.08. – 14.08.

1 instrument for 2 days                                                           NOK 1 700

2 instruments for 2 days                                                         NOK 2 720

3 instruments for 2 days                                                         NOK 3 570

* A ticket fee of NOK 45 will be added to the price.

Please note!

The Session lesson, ceili introduction class, ceili night, and concert are all included in the tuition fee.

However, you need to retrieve your ticket for them from the ticketing system.

You do this by clicking “Kjøp billett” and choose the category “Deltager”. The ticket is for free, and only valid together with the festival wristband that you will receive on the first day of the summer school.

When you buy a ticket to the summer school, you agree to Féile Oslo receiving your name and contact information. We will only use this to send you relevant and important information about the summer school and the classes you sign up to.


Fiddle with Noreen McManus 10.00–12.00

Learn Irish tunes, bowing technique, and ornamentation.  ​​​​​

Harp with Marie Nivel 10.00–12.00 (NB! 15.00-17.00 on Saturday!)

Beginner's level. An introduction to the Celtic harp.

Uilleann pipes with Brendan Monaghan 10.00–12.00

Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Sean nós dance with Cecilie Stensrud 12.45–14.45

Old style Irish dance.

Flute with Eimear McGeown 12.45–14.45

Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Bodhrán with Brendan Monaghan12.45–14.45

Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Folk/ trad guitar with J Eoin 15.00–17.00

Chord progressions, song writing and tune backing

Whistle with Brendan Monaghan15.00–17.00

Learn Irish tunes, technique, and ornamentation.

Other lessons and activities

Session lesson Friday 17.00–18.00

The session lesson is for all of those who have any questions about how an Irish session works – or if you just want to learn an extra tune.

We’ll talk about session etiquette, how sessions can be organised, what to play (and are there things you should not play?) and much more. This is your time to ask about anything session-related that you’ve been wondering about.

We will also teach a tune, and we’ll try to find a session classic that no one in the group knows. That way, everybody can join in playing this tune in the session at The Dubliner later in the evening.

This class is only open to participants of the summer school!

The lesson is included in the tuition fee of the summer school, but you need to retrieve your ticket yourself if you want to join.


Ceili introduction Friday 19.00–20.00 and Ceili night Friday 20.00–22.00

Friday night is ceili night!

A ceili is a social night of group dances, music, and loads of fun. There is usually a ceili caller who will choose the dances and prompt the dancers as they are dancing. That way, everybody can join – even if you don’t know the dance.

We’re so lucky to have Åse Kristine Waglen as our ceili caller. Teacher at Sound Irish Dance Factory.

If you want a crash course in ceili dancing before we start, you can sign up for Åse’s ceili crash course at 19.00. You have to sign up to the introduction and the ceili night separately.

The ceili and the introduction class are open to everybody! Whether you’ve danced before or not, whether you’re participating in the summer school or not (so, bring your friends, partner, children, and other interested people).

We will continue the party at the Dubliner after the ceili.



Ceili introduction                                NOK 200

Ceili introduction student/ child        NOK 100

Ceili introkurs participant                   NOK 0*

Ceili night                                            NOK 200

Ceili night student/ child                    NOK 100

Ceili night participant                         NOK 0*


*Both the ceili introduction and the ceili night are included in the tuition fee of the summer school, but you need to retrieve the ticket yourself if you want to join.




Concert Saturday 13.08. 20.00 in Gymsalen

The teachers of Féile Oslo Summer School are striking it up on Saturday night!

Traditional Irish tunes, old and new songs, and Irish dance.


Eimear McGeown, flute

Noreen McManus, fiddle

Brendan T. Monaghan, uilleann pipes, whistle, bodhrán

J Eoin, guitar, song

Cecilie Stensrud, dance

Warm up with the new duo Casadh!

Kaja Kowalska

Gareth Eason



Ordinary                                              Kr 300

Student/ child                                    Kr 150

Participant                                          Kr  0*


*The concert is included in the tuition fee of the summer school, but you need to retrieve the ticket yourself if you want to attend.

Sessions at The Dubliner Folk Pub

The teachers of Féile Oslo Summer School will lead open sessions in the Dubliner!

Thursday 11.08. 21.30

Friday 12.08. 22.30

Saturday 13.08. 22.30

Entertainment from the stage:

Thursday: Tunes and songs with J Eoin, Eimear, Noreen, and Brendan

Friday: Celtic harp with Marie

Saturday: Songs and tunes with Muintir and dance with Sound-Irish Dance Company

The sessions are open to everybody, whether you want to participate or just listen.

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The summer school 2022 is supported by

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